Born in Malaysia.

Made Responsibly.

Worn Everywhere.

Our Mission

We make flip flops that made to be worn for the rest of your life and we like to make them in a responsible way.


HOVA believes that we can perform the magic to turn something invaluable to valuable so that everyone can HOLD THE VALUE of what was once valuable.

Our Story

HOVA is a brand that proudly starts in Malaysia, started and managed by a small but innovative team that dreams big. We are committed to deliver a wide range of comfortable slippers that are made to be worn everywhere. HOVA specializes in manufacturing top quality rubber slippers and commits to product excellence and consistency. With a dedication to corporate social responsibility, HOVA aspires to build an eco-friendly business by implementing an integrated recycling system, ensuring disposal and wastage of rubbers are kept at a minimum level to make a positive impact on environment whilst providing our consumers with consistently premium products. At the same time, HOVA creates life for every pair of feet through the product by creating the unique pair of fashionable flip flops that can be worn for every occasion or anytime with utmost comfort.

Comfort + Quality + Innovation + Value = HOVA 

Our Vision

We would like to be one of those who bring great impacts to people and bring up the trend of go-green.