Mengapa HOVA?

Selipar Berkualiti Tinggi Jarang Didapati.

Most people nowadays are aestheticisms, people tend to aimlessly pursue for aesthetical objects and neglect the fact that value and quality are actually the reasons they spend money and pay for it. Simultaneously, comprehensive quality possessed slippers are very difficult to come by in the current market, especially when it comes to anti-skid slippers. Most slippers or sandals are only aesthetically appealing and comfortable whereas the feature of anti-slip has been disregarded for quite a long time. Of course, there is a small number of anti-skid slippers you could find in the market, but they are pricier.

Kebimbangan Terhadap Tergelincir Dan Jatuh.

Kebanyakan kecederaan adalah disebabkan oleh tergelincir dan jatuh. 67% kes adalah disebabkan oleh kasut atau selipar yang tidak sesuai. Di peringkat global, terdapat 9 juta kes kecederaan tergelincir dan jatuh yang memerlukan rawatan bilik kecemasan setiap tahun. 5% daripadanya mengalami patah tulang yang serius dan terdapat sejumlah yang terkorban akibat kecederaan yang tidak disengajakan. Setelah membaca petikan ini, adakah anda masih berpendapat bahawa mendapatkan sepasang selipar sudah mencukupi?

Sesuai Atau Tidak ? Beri Tumpuan Kepada Kaki Anda, Bukan Jurujual.

Have you ever come across with a situation, where you let a salesperson known that the slippers feel a little snug on your feet and you were told that those slippers will stretch with time, DO NOT LISTEN! There is absolutely no reason why your slippers should not feel as good on your feet as they look. Wearing slippers or any other type of footwear for that matter that do not fit properly may lead to various types of foot conditions such as planta fasciitis, blister, heel spur and etc. 

Peningkatan Produk Getah Yang Tidak Diingini Di Dunia

Every year, massive amount of unwanted used nitrile rubber gloves, worn tyres and rejected rubber based industrial products are being disposed, and disposal considerations are becoming more scrutinized. These unwanted wastes that are sitting in the landfills are technically impossible for them to decompose. Therefore, the fate of these unwanted rubber-based products will either being disposed of through incineration or landfill disposal, which both lead to air pollution and land pollution respectively. 

Unwanted Waste Poses A Hazard At Recycling Centers of Rubber Gloves and Eventually Lead to Pollution

Massive amount of unwanted waste poses a hazard at recycling centers as gloves are very difficult to be recycled and decomposed. Consequently, great part of those disposed gloves has to be disposed to the landfills. Besides, in some countries or areas, gloves are being burned to stop the spreading of virus but this will discharge toxic fumes and pollutant that are harmful for human health and also the environment.

Dari Tidak Dihargai Menjadi Sesuatu Yang Berharga.

We re-model, re-process and re-purpose these undestroyable rubber gloves into the soles of HOVA to save our environment and give sustainability to our eco-system. Let everyone in our community be part of the solution.

Process: 18 pairs of rejected/unwanted rubber gloves -> 1 pair of slipper soles.

HOVA collaborates with SoleWell to create the Anti Slip Eco Rubber outsoles that are made out of 100% upcycled rejected or used nitrile rubber gloves compounds that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. We dwindle waste, deliver them new lives as the soles of your everyday footwear to show gratefulness to the nature and our environment. 

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Mesra Bumi

Anti Slip




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