Bahan Kami

Mesra Bumi

HOVA slippers contribute to green living by using eco-rubber that consist of 100% upcycled rubber gloves to support the reduction of waste and also to decrease the new consumption of rubber to reduce carbon footprint. Everyone has the obligation to protect the Earth by making the world a greater place for the greener future. Hence, HOVA believes that our aesthetical slippers not just provide comfort, value, durability and styles. But also bring awareness to everyone that making the right choice to buy the right product that is responsibly made will bring positive impact to the environment and even the world. Let’s be the solution and make a difference with HOVA by preventing disposed rubber products from polluting the environment.

Gred Getah Asli Terbaik

HOVA loves Malaysia as much as Mother Nature, we build on her handiwork by supporting Malaysia natural rubber. Malaysia is the top 3 rubber producing countries in the world and it produces the best quality latex and natural rubber in the world.


Malaysia natural rubber possesses great features which make HOVA slippers uniquely great and high quality. Malaysia natural rubber is well known for its good abrasive resistant, antiskid, high durability and great ozone degradation point which makes our products highly durable. Also, Malaysia natural rubber dedicates ultimate comfort, cushion and “squishiness” that will make you feel like walking on marshmallows and gummy bears. No matter when or where, HOVA will be there for you. Whether you are ambling around the beach, get caught in the rain or even having a great time in a water theme park, your HOVA will work fine and the grip is still as good as new even if they are extremely wet.


HOVA cuba memberi kesedaran kepada orang ramai untuk menjadikan dunia sebagai tempat yang lebih baik bagi setiap kehidupan. Nescaya Kami di HOVA, enggan sama sekali menggunakan haiwan sebagai bahan mentah dalam produk kami.