Slippers Bring Life To Every Pair Of Feet

Why Wearing Slippers Is Good For Your Feet?

Have you ever come home from a long day at office only to pun on a pair of cozy slippers and feel instantly much more relaxed? Especially women who walk in heels for the whole day and a pair of comfortable slippers are what they need the most to let those poor feet get some rest. Many people know that wearing slippers is a comfortable practice that helps to keep your toes and feet relax, but there are also many health benefits of wearing slippers as well that you should be aware of. Keep in mind that just as with anything in life, not all slippers are created equal! Many slippers may keep your feet comfy and relax, but they lack the infrastructure needed to give you the maximum comfort and safety that you deserve.

We believe that you deserve to look and feel awesome with every step whether you’re lounging at home garden or out on the town. Slippers can be game-changer of your relaxing routines, while also imparting many different health benefits that you may not be aware of.

Why Slippers Matter More Now Than Ever Before?

Before we dive into why wearing slippers is good for your feet, let us walk through you how the world and the surfaces we walk on have evolved over time and how that relates to the importance of wearing slippers more often.

Human beings used to primarily tread on soft, forgiving surfaces, like dirt and sand. These forgiving surfaces would naturally form to the human footprint. In this modern world, we now predominantly tread on hard, unforgiving, man-made surfaces like tiles, hardwood floorings, concrete and marble. While there is nothing wrong with these surfaces, they do have a different relationship with our feet that must be taken into consideration. Unlike a forgiving surface that will naturally contour to your foot on impact, when your foot hits and unforgiving surface, your foot is forced to try to contour to the ground, which can result in foot pain and foot problems over time.

Wearing a pair of cozy, soft and fitting slippers which can help to protect your feet from the hard surfaces while also providing your feet the comfort they deserve.

What You Will Gain from Wearing Slippers

Have you ever spent the day walking around with sneakers, boots or heels only to wake up the next morning with sore and aching legs? If you have, you’re not alone! Many people don’t make the correlation that their foot or leg pain is due to walking on hard surfaces without having any supportive infrastructure protecting their feet and instead attribute it to something else they did the day prior.

Wearing slippers helps protect your feet from the ground and helps ward off foot pain, all in one cozy and comfy package! A pair of comfortable slippers with specific infrastructures meant to protect your feet with shock and impact absorptions. At HOVA, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and supported with every step you take and that you are taking advantage of all of the amazing benefits that our slippers can impart.

Swollen Feet From Poor Blood Circulation? Not Anymore!

Many individuals suffer from swollen feet, whether due to a medical condition like diabetes or just a poor blood circulation to their lower extremities. What many people don’t know is that wearing a pair of comfortable slippers can help to encourage blood flow to your feet, which can reduce the amount of swelling they experience.

In slippers that are designed to fit your feet perfectly and support its most vital structural elements, your feet can move and function in an environment that promotes healthy function. If you’re having swollen feet, investing in a pair of comfortable and fitting slippers can be a major game-changer.